Muhammad Iqbal-The Thinker Poet of Islam
May mercy of Allah be upon him

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(Life, as Iqbal sees it)

Understanding Iqbal's Mind
By : RajMohan Gandhi

Iqbaliyat Links :

1. Roots of Iqbal - The Minor Iran,
Kashmir, from where Iqbal's forefathers came. He sung of its sheer beauty and cried for the pathetic conditions of its  skilful people.
2. Sayyid Abul A'laa Al-Mawdudi,
The great revivalist of our times who reconstructed the Islamic thought and crystalised the legacy of Muhammad Iqbal.
3. Shaheen (Eagle), a central character in Muhammad Iqbals philosophy.
Muhammad Iqbal had a great passion for this bird.
4. Iqbal : A Manifestation of Self-reconstruction and Reformation
 An article by Dr. Ali Shariati
5. Ijtihad, Allama Iqbal, and Islamic Movement

6. Iqbal : Struggle for Islamic Revolution

7. Statement of  Iqbal regarding the Qadianism (Ahmadiyya Cult)

8. Ramooze Bekhudi (Mysteries of Selflessness)

9. Kalame Iqbal I (by Saeed)

10. Kaleme Iqbal  II (by Suhail M Amin)

11. Society Islamica - Ramadhan Special
A site under construction.

12. Sayyid Qutb
Sayyid Qutb (Ash-Shaheed)

A site under construction

14. Bosnia
A column on Bosnian tragedy

15. Universal Islamic Services
A comprehensive site

16. Dr. Bashir,



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1. Allama Masshriqi - Founder of The Khaksar Movement
2. Kazi Nazrul Islam (By Dr. Mohammad Omar Farooq)